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Mobile ethnography

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myServiceFellow is a simple app and web-based software to understand the real customer experience of any product, service, or brand based on an scientific research approach (mobile ethnography). The myServiceFellow app enables customers to evaluate their individual experiences on their smartphone in real-time and document these with text, photo, video, or audio files. The app allows customers to capture their end-to-end customer journey in a quick and simple way on the go.

myservicefellow App & Software

Real customer journey mapping

You need the web-based (cloud) software myServiceFellow to set up projects and invite your customers. Customers then use the app to record their customer experience and upload the collected data to the software. You can access the myServiceFellow software simply through your browser and see the results coming in.

The software allows you to view, sort, code, and filter the data. Use the single customer journey perspective for contextual interviews to gain even deeper insights from your customers. Use the geo perspective to locate a single customer journey on a map or to identify clusters of positive or negative touchpoints of multiple journeys.

Sneak Preview

Analyzing customer experience

We have a working prototype of myServiceFellow for research projects. Currently we are working on the next version, which we plan to launch as an open beta - hopefully in July 2014 (no guarantee though).

You can see some screenshots of the new analysis software below. Although we cannot provide access to the current prototype of our analysis software, you can download the prototype of the myServiceFellow app and test it with the following credentials:

username: demo

password: demo

Our Story

Passionate about customer experiences.

The development

The guys behind myServiceFellow are Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider. We are working on this tool since 2008 and developed various prototypes of the app and software over the years. Fortunately, we could test the software in numerous research projects with the Management Center Innsbruck - even internationally in an EU-funded project on service design for the tourism industry (read more in our free ebook below).

The research

We already published many scholarly articles on mobile ethnography - as we call this method in a scientific context. In his PhD at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany Marc develops a rigourus research design to use this method.

The team

We work a lot in the field of service design. Besides consulting private and public organisations and guest lecturing at various universities, we published the award-winning book “This is Service Design Thinking” in 2010. Since 2012 we're working on another software for service design called “smaply” to visualize personas, service ecosystems, and customer journey maps.

The case studies

As part of our EU-funded research project, we published a free ebook on mobile ethnography for the tourism industry. Download it below if you like to learn more and read a few case studies.