slip into your customers’ shoes

Capture and analyze customer experience of your brand, product or service. Comprehensive. Simple. Fast.

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(beta starts september 2014):

How does it work?

A free app for your customers.

A smart software for you.

1. Customers document their experiences with our super-easy smartphone app.

2. You can view and analyze their data with our powerful web-based software.

Mobile devices send data to web application.

Main features

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Genuine customer insights

The app enables customers to document individual experiences on their smartphone in real-time and document these with text, photo, video, or audio files.

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End-2-end customer journey mapping

Customers can capture their end-to-end customer journey across all channels they use. Time stamps and GPS data enables an analysis of sequence and spatial distribution of touchpoints.

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Efficient visual analysis

The software allows you to view, sort, code, and filter the data in a simple visual way that builds on extensive scientific research (mobile ethnography) ensuring high-quality results.

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Simple and fast

Everyone can start analyzing customer experiences in just a few minutes. myServiceFellow guides you step-by-step through a sound scientific process.

Professional reports and journey map exports

Export whole customer journey maps as PDF files and create professional and beautiful research reports in just a few minutes.